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. >> welcome to "this week in defense news" president obama will romaine the commander in chief for another four years, but before he's sworn in again in january, he has to work with the republican house, and the democratic senate to avert the threat of sequestration. absent a deficit reduction deal by the end of the year, more than $1 trillion in cuts would be triggered across the government, half would hit the pentagon that's just starting to implement $500 billion in cuts over the coming decade. here to talk about sequestration, new players in congress and the administration is our expert roundtable with rick maze, the editor of the military times up in, macker mackenzie eagin, and gordon adams who served in the clinton white house. guys, welcome back, and thanks for joining us. mackenzie, let's start with you, we have the sam problems, occasion of characters, president obama in the debate was adamant that sequestration wouldn't happen. can he strike a deal this time? and having seriously committed themselves to stymying the agenda, the day after being elected the nice time.
john kerry's name as a candidate for secretary of defense. i couldn't help but read that above the article in the washington post, he didn't get the job for secretary of state and somebody is trying to throw some sort of bob. people like john kerry are completely incapable of helping the pentagon deal with this problem, even that problem. led of the on the problem that is going to occur. the other candidates for leadership of the pentagon to be it through this era, a very smart -- no background in any of these issues. the other candidates is ashton carter. he is perceived as a good manager. if you look at his job on the f 35 i simply cannot agree. he is not picking on the fundamental efforts of problem represents. he let it float to the future and it is going to face a phase in this, even in the sequestered scenario, it will do nothing but increase the cost on airplane which is a disappointment in terms of performance and that is a result of his management. i don't see him as a competent candidate to lead the pentagon through this future, thank you very much. >> thank you, wins
. the department of defense is very comprehensively represented here at fleet week this year, more so than ever before. we have a representative from the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and american security affairs in the audience and they were here in august when we did our exercise with the city. fema is well represented and we have several defense coordinating officers here over the past couple of days. certainly the california national guard is represented heavily here. obviously they are going to be the first guys to respond to a disaster and they have several interesting roles not only from a state perspective but as they get federalized or with the dual status commander managing federal response and federal authorities of military authorities flowing in. and most significantly, we're represented today with the commander of northern command, general jackoby. as you know, defense report to civil authorities is not a primary mission area for the department of defense. we have codified it in policy over the years and certainly things have advanced since 9/11 and hurri
for the bears. for wade phillips, brilliant. absolutely, brilliant. all we want to say about the bears defense, it was wade phillips defense tonight who has got it done. >> al: he has just done a magnificent job coming over. gary kubiak brought him in in the 2011 season after the texans had huge problems defensively. he has revamped it. remember, they got rid of guys like mario williams and demeco ryans and he loses cushing. he comes into chicago and limits the bears to a pair of field goals. they go home to meet jacksonville next week. and if the season ended today, as the saying goes, the road to the super bowl on the afc side would go through houston. >> cris: big questions for the chicago bears next week, will jay cutler be around? the backup quarterback thing for the bears is just not working out. caleb hanie and now jason campbell not getting production if jay cutler is not in there. >> al: only thing that works for their benefit is extra day since they have the monday night game next week in san francisco. so this one is over. not a work of art, but it didn't figure to be under these co
to 600 billion in cuts in defense and 600 in domestic programs. and every single republican .biz is never going to happen because what we're going to do is create this supercommittee. does everybody remember that? and they will come up with something better, everybody agrees that's a smart way to do it. but the supercommittee went completely down the drain because the republicans would accept a single penny of tax increases. now, this might be a justifiable position if we were at a position where taxes were extraordinarily high. in fact, taxes have been extraordinarily low for quite a long time. the postwar average is 18.5% of gdp federal revenues. right now there are 15.8% and they have been considerably below that for the last several years. if there was one iota of truth of the republican obsession with the idea that low taxes immigrants, the economy would be booming. so basically they have zero credibility. they just lie about everything. but for some reason, the very serious people in this country take them seriously. obama does not take them over his lap and spank them as they deser
. >> a rejuvenated defense, ahead in sports. >> only 30's in central ohio, and that cold front is moving in our direction. right now, 64 at the >> it was a great day for parade, and men, women, and children gathered to remember a veterans' today. >> included buffalo soldiers and members of the rotc. those who fought in wars past said they were pleased with today's turnout and enjoyed reminiscing with other veterans. >> is good to just reminisce and think of all the ones that did not make it back. >> it is me a good feeling inside to know that people still remember. x just very proud of everyone who has served and our guys overseas. i am just out you are supporting them as well. >> the parade ended at war memorial plaza. according to the 2010 census, 1.7 million veterans are younger than 35. 9 million are older than 65. find more veterans day facts on and you can see restaurant serving free meals to veterans. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 12 days of november, the normal high temperature is in the 50's. 78 was the record high back in 18
no longer necessary for national defense. so, that strategic entrance to this harbor was the last land that our troops and sailors and marines and soldiers would see if they departed for the pacific theater in world war ii and korea and vietnam, and also the first thing they would see upon returning back to the bay area. so, between the presidio and the head lands, we now have wonderful park lands that have been converted. we call it converting from post to park. repurposing those lands from national defense to environmental defense. and i believe it is probably the most accessful base conversion in the united states. if you haven't been to the presidio, i think you should try and make that. if you're from out of town, it's a spectacular transition there. so, these golden gate national parks that i happen to be the superintendent of has now become after 40 years the second most visited national park in our country. we get 14 million people a year that come to our parks. it has spectacular coastline, includes muir wood, alcatraz, we get to tell the stories, stories about essentially wha
conference at the white house in eight months, president obama raced to the defense of his u.n. ambassador susan rice. republicans vowed to block her from becoming the next secretary of state. >> for them to go after the-up ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi and simply making a presentation based on intelligence she had received and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> five days after the terror attack in libya, rice went on five sunday talk shows to say the early intelligence suggested that the assault was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim video. >> who in the white house, who was president of the united states, was it one of his people? who was it that gave her talking points that clearly indicateed something for which there was no basis if facts? >> reporter: earlier today, republican senator john mccain joined lindsey graham and kelly ayotte vowing to stop rice's potential nomination as secretary of state. while the president would not speculate about his choice to replace outgoing secretary hillary clinton, he reacted angrily to the republican charges and d
according to the defense minister visiting the war-torn country. >> of germany has nearly 5000 troops stationed in afghanistan as part of the u.s.-led nato coalition. the plan is to pull them out with the next two years. people >> i came here on a direct flight from germany. ministers had always first stop and they would be flown in with a military plane. the minister says security it is at the top of the agenda. >> i would like to get an idea of how the afghans are taking over before security and gradually taking charge of themselves. >> and made no combat troops, including germany, are set to withdraw by the end of 2014. the minister says germany will continue to assist by training soldiers. >> the german defense minister says progress is being made in afghanistan. i asked our correspondent in kabul what he thinks. >> there is a lot of violence is still here. the generals say taliban attacks are down this year. if you ask the u.n., they will say the civilians are being killed and there still at or being traced. the highest levels they have been in the past decade. we have spent a lo
takes it right through the heart of the mid's defense. he goes the defense. troy in front 28-14. third quarter, the navy deficit is 10. reynolds on the option, pitches to gigi green. he outraces everybody. 59-yard for the score. green had a game high 150 rushing yards but not enough. the mids are beaten by troy 41- 31. >>> nick saban and top ranked alabama playing host to texas a&m. the aggies with a 23-17 lead. freshman quarterback johnny manziel with time to kennedy. he makes the catch. two-point conversation fails. a&m in front, 29-17. less than two minutes left. they are down by 5. andrew mccarron's pass intercepted. texas a&m in its first trip to tuscaloosa shocks unbeaten alabama 29-24. >> when we come back, we are switching gears and hopeful lit wizards are, too. time to shift into the win column. highlights from the hard wood, next. next. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. t
the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act later this month and going to be looking at taking a few cases on the defense of marriage act and i think that the fact that some of the initiatives passed may actually influence the court in some ways, whether or not they're going to take the cases. you could have, say, justice kennedy coming in and saying, why get the judiciary involved in this kind of thing and creating a culture war when these things are worked out in the states, so, i think that that was actually-- >> well, they passed it the first time in maine, maryland and washington state and in minnesota, they have -- they've refused to define marriage as between a man and a woman, which means the legislature could now legalize gay marriage if it wanted to. this means this issue -- the first time after 32 decisions in the other direction at the state level where gay marriage was approved, it means it's settled on the road to being settled democratically. >> well, it also means it's solved at the federal level. i mean, the other big such-- >> at the state level. >> at the state level, fe
's waters in the east china sea. now the defense minister wants to review defense cooperation guidelines with the u.s. chinese ships started toy appear in japanese waters on a regular basis in september, just after japan nationalized three of the senkaku islands. defense minister satoshi morimoto now wants to review the defense guidelines with the u.s. to include a possible conflict in the region. the current guidelines mainly cover contingencies on the korean peninsula. morimoto is dispatching his senior defense vice minister to washington. nagashima will quickly push to restart negotiations to review the guidelines. >>> china's foreign ministry has expressed concern about moves to review the guidelines. >> translator: the japan/u.s. alliance was forged under a specific historical situation. the alliance should not exceed the bilateral framework and should not harm the interest of any third country. >> hong said china hopes. >>> china and the u.s. will respect the security concerns of neighboring countries. >>> it doesn't feel like winter in tokyo with the warm weather, but elsewhere it
, the florida woman whose complaints of e-mail harassment started the initial investigation. a senior defense official traveling with panetta says 20,000 to 30,000 pages of epail and other documents from general allen's communications with kelley are under review. the official says general allen disputes engaging in any wrong doing in the matter. the fbi referred the matter to the department of defense for investigation on sunday. early this morning secretary panetta directed that the defense department's inspector general investigate. last night fbi agents went to the home of biographer paula broadwell, the woman government officials say petraeus acknowledged having an affair with. a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news the search was consensual and not a raid. the "washington post" reports that petraeus had hoped to survive the scandal but was told to resign by national intelligence director james clapper on election day. it was nbc's andrea mitchell who broke the petraeus story and she has more. >> mrs. kelley, how are you doing? >> reporter: we learned what was in the harassing
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. >>> tomorrow the defense is expected to wrap up its case in the trial of a student at buoy state university. that student was murdered after a dispute over loud music. jurors saw graphic cell phone video of the moments after dominique frazier was stabbed to death. it happened in september of 2011. the defense says alexis simpson was acting in self-defense and that the stabbing was accidental. the women had argued before simpson claims she asked to have her room changed two weeks before that deadly fight. >> there are new concerns over the popular 5-hour energy drink. the food and drug administration is investigating whether it's a factor in 13 deaths over the past four years. 5-hour energy has been the subject of 100 complaints since 2009. the food and drug administration is still not sure if the drink actually caused any of the deaths or injuries. the maker of 5-hour energy says the product is safe when used properly. >>> the owner of a pharmacy blamed in a deadly meningitis outbreak will face lawmakers tomorrow. barry cadden invoked the fifth amendment and refused to testify today. a sena
's northwest home and later in suv. overnight, the defense secretary announced john allen, the commanderring general in afghanistan was also under investigation for sending and receiving hundreds of "flirtatious" e-mails that amounted to 30,000 pages to and from jill kelley, the tampa bay socialite whose complaint to the f.b.i. resulted in the petraeus affair being revealed. defense secretary panetta office notified the chairman of the house armed services committee that he referred the allen investigation to pentagon inspector general. >> while the matter is under investigation, and before the facts are determined, general allen will remain commanderer. general allen is entitled to due to press in this -- due process in this matter. >> white house postponed the allen confirmation hearing to be the next supreme commander of europe slated for thursday and asked that thenate move quickly to appoint the next commanderer for afghanistan. allen, married, admitted he didn't have a sexual affair with kelly. petraeus and allen got to know jill kelley in 2010. allen was petraeus' deputy if tampa bay
to walk to the school bus stop by himself. defense stories say hernandez is mentally ill and a trial will not solve the mystery of what happened to eton. >>> d.c. police think there's a connection among at least four incidents in two nights, all of them targeting women. police are investigating an abduction and series of robberies this past friday and saturday. they're looking for four young men driving an older nissan max i ha. >>> in the district, there is a housing boom. and for people who already own their homes, what that means is increases in their property taxes. one d.c. council member is trying to limit how much those taxes can go up. tom sherwood now here with that story. >> jim, the city already has a limit of 10%, but council member jack evans wants to make it 5%. since 2006 the district has capped annual homeowner tax increases at 10% to help the homeowners stay in their homes. but with the city's economy rebounding, even booming, from the national economic slowdown, rising house prices are putting more pressure on those taxpayers. now d.c. council finance and revenue ch
in the acting cia director. he has confidence in his military and the secretary of defense and defense department to carry out the mission has easy signed to them. but he's got obviously a lot that he wants to get to work on, and he's doing that this week. >> how does this affect, though, his need to revamp the national security team. >> again, i think these are specific questions about specific individuals and posts. i can say now, even though you haven't asked, that i have no announcements to make with regards to personnel and no speculation to engage in. i can tell you that the president has not made a decisions on personnel matters and you will not hear me discuss them until the president has made those decisions and has announced them. >> jay, you're saying regarding two specific people you can't extrapolate. these are two military brass involved in extramarital affair or what might be called inappropriate behavior. is the president at all worried about an inappropriate culture in the military? >> i really would ask you to not extrapolate broadly. the president has great confidenc
taxes and entitlements and non-defense discretionary are such that pentagon describes this -- the president does. he will instruct the secretary of defense as to what the deal is and the secretary of defense will -- they want to resign, more power to them. but they will come and present a budget after the budget deal is done where they basically do what they are told. >> yes. >> i have a question. first, president obama says we can have a national ability and the chairman, you mentioned it too. how could you saves money you don't have? where is the money coming from? the second is there was mention -- defense spending. anybody know how much in terms of defense spending and should we talk about that to deal with it? the third question -- the world is changing. i think we have a new defense strategy. once you have a strategy you will know what kind of leadership you can have and what kind of armed forces you have and also defense technology. should we have discussion about this defense strategy? >> a couple thoughts. you say how do we invest domestic affairs, money we do
to recognize our cosponsor an committee, the aerospace and defense industry committee and william black, my cochair for this presentation. it stretches back a full year when the national security committee proposed a program, which we tried to divine which program would have currency. we were fortunate to have leon panetta last week make a very widely broadcasted speech on the subject of cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. accordingly, the subject matter has been in news. he outlined his deep concerns about computer networks that support our military, infrastructure and business networks. mr. leon panetta elaborated on many things and that includes the high-profile attacks, including the alleged russian denial of service attack entering into georgia, the disruptions in estonia and the iranian nuclear centrifuges. there are dozens of thwarted attacks on other infrastructure occurring on an almost daily basis. the sector of devastating utility concern all of us. and it presents legal issues we should be aware of as we advise our clients. we have four highly qualified speakers here today who are g
the officer fired in self defense. . >> it's not my job to agree or disagree but my job is to make sure the message can be head no matter what it might be. >> reporter: the captain couldn't comment on the bring cade but officers are out protecting the people of oakland everyday. >>> this were some tepees moments aboard a southwest airlines flight that took off from oak land this afternoon. the boeing 7337 landed at denver when officials say it slid off of the taxi way. the plane with the nose down, passengers who say they were aboard tweeted the pictures, 1905 took off with 125 passengers and 5 crew members aboard. airport spokesman says nobody was hurt. it began snowing around the time of the landing and no word if weather was a factor. >>> a suspect wanted in connection with san jose's 41st homicide has been found dead. troy edward was found dead inside his car this afternoon, in san ba nino county. it appears he committed suicide. >>> homicide detectives in oakland are investigating the shooting there that left a teenager dead, witnesses say a car pulled up next to the victim's vehic
are getting defensive about looming cuts. can we slash spending without slashing thousands of hometown jobs? >>> i dove into the republican "twilight" zone and nearly lost my mind. the real truth on "the cycle," monday, november 12th. >>> we kick off this week on "the cycle" with no upcoming election and no massive impending storm to warn you about. let's take a moment to enjoy the calm. >> nice. >> all right, enough of that. we enjoyed the peace for about as long as washington did. there's an unfolding story of the resignation of cia director david petraeus that broke on "the cycle" on monday. when the lame duck congress waddling in tomorrow, there's aa promise of a con sill to her tone. steve, can you fall off a sloef? >> it feels really good, exactly. >> they start to tackle the nation's debt. there's fear of sbimgtsment cuts and, of course, tax reform. the president is packing a he schedule with high profile meetings to try and get something done. tomorrow labor leaders, wednesday business leaders and corporate executives, and friday congress aal leaders from both sides of the aisle. we
of a surprise, alexis simpson, the accused killer, took the stand in her own defense, saying that the very end of her testimony that she had to defend herself and that she was scared. she described her entire relationship with the victim, saying from the moment they met there seemed to be something awkward. she described several encounters that grew hostile and painted herself as an innocent victim who was just getting picked on by the much larger, taller and heavier dominique frazier, and then she talked about september 15, 2011. she says she was awakened from a nap by music in her bathroom. she turned down and ipod, and says that triggered everything. it grew into a fight. there were a couple of flights. then we get to the moment of the stabbing. simpson said she knew dominique frazier owned a knife. she felt trapped in her room and wanted to get out. she said when she came out of her room, one of frazier's friends grant her, and pulled her into the -- grabbed her and pulled her into the room. simpson said at that point she picked up her own pocket knife. it is the first time we have heard t
've already heard from john harrington, for the first time that i recall a sitting u.s. secretary of defense has warned of a digital pearl harbor, meaning bringing down the power grid, bringing down the water systems, bringing down air traffic control. essentially paralyzing the country without sending a single airplane or ship into u.s. territory. people say, like mr. carney might, this is all science fiction. it's not really going to happen, not true. well, if you look at the stuxnet virus, which elisabeth talked about in her discussion, that was one of the single most technologically advanced viruses ever found at the time. it took months to prepare, millions of dollars. there were only five countries on the face of the earth that have to take knowledge and capability to put that together, and it brought down 100 centrifuges in iran, which i'm pleased about. but that particular virus exploited zero day vulnerabilities, meaning vulnerabilities -- nobody even knew we were in the software and also require the death of a digital certificate which is the equivalent of breaking into fort knox t
have given less than honorable discharge, and you could go back to the department of defense and asked the department of defense to review of your medical records and maybe change your discharge. and i would like to note how you all are handling this issue and how you have contacted those that were me be given less than honorable discharge. >> congressman, let me respond to you directly in the department because the first time i am familiar with the issues you just presented and i want to give you an accurate answer. and let me give you that answer to the department. >> thank you mr. secretary that would be satisfactory and thank you very much. i yield back. >> ms. davis. >> thank you, mr. chairman and both of you for your leadership and trying to work and coordinate these programs. i wanted to ask you about coordination and about resolving this this alignment between the two coordination programs between the do and the va. you talked about traps and trying to get over that. what is it is causing these problems? i know one of my colleagues mentioned earlier it seems to be creating more
is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta has turned it over to investigators. it centers around potentially inappropriate e-mails around jill kelley. >> if you know my sister, like i said, she is a dedicated mother and dedicated wife. >> reporter: kelley went to the fbi when she received threatening e-mails from an anonymous source. they were reportedly from broadwell. monday night fbi investigators searched broadwell's home. agents isn't say -- didn't say what they were looking for but carried out boxes and a computer. president obama has now agreed to put the general's confirmation for that poston hold. >> while this matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined, general commander will remain. >> reporter: general allen denies he's done anything wrong. tara merger. >> they had already named his replacement for afghanistan. they would like to confirm general joseph dunnford as soon as possible. >>> years after a strip club scandal involving the director. allen martin -- elissa harrington is in the news room. >> we learned
go away, it is important that they not know all of your defenses. going back in the old testament, you find history, king his kaija -- king hezekiah showing all the defenses they had in their armory he showed them to the leaders from babylon. as a result, ultimately that kingdom was lost to the babylonians. you don't show other nations, even people you think are friends at the moment they may turn into enemies. it's important that your enemies and even your friends not know all of your defenses. and yet we sided with israel's enemies, or at least this administration did. the result we saw within just two or three days, a flotilla head from turkey to challenge the blockade of the gaza strip. it was a legitimate, lawful blockade that was trying to keep rockets out of gaza that would inflict death and terror upon israel. . a legitimate blockade. the only things being kept out were weapons, rockets, things that would kill the israelis and terrorize our ally. but that's what happens. you have challenges to a nation when that nation's enemy see their ally pulling away. it's so important
down cia director david petraeus. this morning defense secretary leon panetta announced the man who succeeded david petraeus is under investigation himself. general john allen, the top u.s. and nato commander in afghan stand is accused of, quote, inappropriate communications with jill kelly. she started the investigation. a senior official traveling with allen says his communications with kelly are under review. the official says general allen disputes engaging in any wrongdoing in the matter. the fbi referred the matter to the department of defense for investigation on sunday. early this morning secretary panetta directed that the defense department inspector general investigate. meanwhile, last night fbi agents went to the home of biographer paula broadwell, the woman government officials say petraeus acknowledged having an affair with. a senior law enforcement official says the search was consensual, not a raid. meanwhile, they said petraeus had hoped to survive the scandal but he was told to resign by james clapper. andrea mitchell broke the petraeus story. she has more on the e
. defense secretary leon panetta says they are looking at 2000 pages of the documents and exchanges between john allen and jill kelley, a former liaison at u.s. central command. it described the tone of some of the emails as flirtatious. >> might you right now is, let's see what the investigation turns upper and what the congress and the committees are able to determine as to what exactly took place. when >> kelley's brother said she has done nothing wrong. what she is very dedicated says something like this is just a fluke. what she had complained to the fbi several months ago about receiving threatening emails from paula broadwell, a biographer of david petraeus. petraeus resign dollar friday and. >> this was a personal indiscretion, as far as we know. why someone would be personally indiscrete is their own problem. whether they would do that in an e-mail is beyond my imagination. >> the search her home friday night. general allen has denied any wrongdoing in the white house as the president still has faith. >> the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to this coun
hearings on allen's promotion have been delayed. >> at the request of the secretary of defense the president put on hold general allen's nomination as supreme allied commander of europe. >> despite his resignation, they still want petraeus to testify about the consulate attack in benghazi. first of all, how bad does it look for general allen? he says he didn't do anything wrong, but there's talk of these e-mails as being flirtatious, whatever that means. >> reporter: exactly. sure, 's been a tough few days for general allen since the fbi probe implicated him. some defensive issues with the pentagon told us that these e- mails were flirtatious and we've been turned over to the inspector general. they came from the fbi and the implication is there was no suggestion of any criminal conduct, but you might have some uniform code of military justice violations like conduct unbecoming of an officer or service discrediting or adultery. these are all crimes under the military code before you make it sound as though allen could be in danger of more than just losing his promotion. he coul
admitted that she killed her college roommate, but that mean to do it. and that it was self-defense. the jury got the case just a few minutes ago. >> i had to defend myself, i was scared. over the first two weeks of the year, she said that would bed that she jumped by them. she described a brutal fight frazier and her friends. she said she was so scared, she knife in hopes that she could escape her dorm room. she said that she was scared. i started swinging the knife. she said that she panicked when from herlood coming neck. it was hard to watch. >> we know that she has never been involved in anything like that. >> prosecutors tried to paint a t picture, bringing up tweets that she posted back then. she asked her if she hated her because she was gay. prosecutor, and the held up a knife like this one. she said that it looked like one used but she cried, i was swinging so that they would get away. mean to stab her. also under cross-examination, she admitted that she could have just walked out of the apartment. the point was that she made the choice. the judge said he will keep them ab
in september of last year. she said she never meant to harm frazier and acted in self- defense. they got into a fight about music. >>> washington redskins headcoach shanahan got robbed. his money and passport were stolen in the locker room. -- from the locker room. not sure when he realized the items went missing. a police report is filed. the pittsburgh police are investigating. >>> the ku klux klan is advertising its group via flier. the shoppers found the fliers on a car windshield outside of a strip mall? missouri. the message reads bringing back the traditional ways of the ku klux klan. they call a 24-hour klan line. >> thank you for calling the traditional sematic ku klux klan. we are unapologetically committed to the interest and values of the white race. >> they say they're beefing security up at the shopping center. authorities do say, however, distributing the fliers is not against the law, protected by the first amendment. >>> a multimillionaire turned murder suspect. coming up, new key details in the case surrounding john mcafee. >>> and a souped-up tractor burning rubber on
call of the election season today and did a victory lap declaring that republicans are on defense with the latino voters now. >> standard bearer of their party talks about them as illegals, and would veto piece of legislation like to dream act, 90% of the latino voters support that, it makes it hard to get votes. >> white house aides believe their boss now has the upper naned negotiations over the fiscal cliff, especially with the republican speaker john boehner signaling he may be ready for a deal. so conservatives are warning while the president does not have to face the voters again, congressional democrats will in two years. tax hikes could come back to haunt them. >> i think he is going to require increase in tax rate on wealthy. that is his downfall. that is just makes no sense whatsoever. the wealthy are the people who hire everyone else. you can't love jobs and hate job creators. >> white house officials note the president campaigned on raising taxes and he won so he thinks he can sell it to the congressional democrats. meanwhile, the white house officials tonight say he w
petraeus resigning at c.i.a. director. unnamed defense officials say the military is now investigating possibly, quote, inappropriate communications between allen and tampa socialite jill kelley. she had reported getting harassing emails from another woman, paula broadwell. the f.b.i. investigation that followed uncovered broadwell's affair with petraeus. but according to the newest revelations, agents also found extensive contacts between kelley and general allen. the f.b.i. notifieded the pentagon on sunday. last night spokesman george little read a statement from defense secretary leon panetta on a flight to australia. >> today the secretary directed that the matter be referred to the inspector general of the department of defense for investigation. it is now in the hands of the department of the secretary-general. >> brown: early news accounts said allen andkelley exchanged 20,000-30,000 pages of emails and other documents over the last two years. for part of that time the general served as deputy commander at u.s. central command faced at the air force base in tampa. jill kelley a
moments. >>> if he could play defense, he would probably be the best defender on the team. but he is running the offense. we'll take at the nine-game report next. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >>> welcome back. when robert griffin iii's pro career started september 9th in new orleans, the expectations were high but i don't think many in the nfl thought he would be as good as he thought. after nine games, robert griffin has proven he is a menace for defenses. >> reporter: you can't spell great without the letters r g. robert griffin 3 has carried the rode skins with his arms and legs, ex-seating expectations. >> there is no doubt about that. when you told me at the start of the season that robert would be the most successful quarterback in the nfl per play, i would is say you are crazy. you have to be able to do that and have limited turnovers, that's been pretty impressive. robert will be the first one to tell you that's a bunch of guys working together. robert will say that the stats don
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